Gaming Laptops Under 2000: What Can You Expect From Them?

If you are one of those gamer who take laptops seriously then you will have no problems spending a good amount of money for a high-end machine. Manufacturers around the world are gradually filling the stores with great products that sometimes can stand on the side of their desktop counterparts: Alienware, ASUS, Acer and even MSI are releasing some true monsters on the market with the objective of not making you regret your choice.

Starting from the performance aspect, the high tier of portable PCs will surely shock you with its incredible specs: new generations of Intel CPUs can finally jump over the 3.0 GHz with ease and it’s not hard to expect a quad core or even some first examples of octa cores.

A great added value is the improvement in the quality of RAM more than its quantity: 8GB and 16GB banks will be enough for a lot of years from now, but we can finally experience some true fluidity with an even quicker bandwidth. Speaking of which, the extremely rapid spread of SSDs has been a delight for gamers, since they can now experience a much better smoothness during gameplay and loading times, especially if paired with the much more capacious hard drives.

Without a doubt though,  the component that saw the most exponential growth has been GPUs. Nvidia, pushed by the hardened competition with AMD, has been on a tear lately, releasing portable versions of their most famous graphics cards: chips such as 980s and 1070s can finally express all their power thanks to improved DDR4 VRAM integrations and wide 17” screens that can sometimes reach 4k resolutions.

Some manufacturers, like Alienware for example, even allow users to customize and enhance the graphics capabilities with expansion ports. On that note, faster connections are being developed as we speak: HDMI 2.0 will soon be overcome by its next iteration and USB 3.0 is similarly doing so.

Unfortunately bitter characteristics typical of laptops are retained even with these behemoths: aside from the usual suspect like overheating and being battery-eaters, the highest rated portable PCs tend to sacrifice a lot of their original portability for the sake of protection and components’ safety. Nonetheless, if your desire is playing your favourite games pretty much everywhere then you should definitely consider spending this kind of money on these incredible machines.

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