Gaming Laptop vs Desktop PC: What Should You Go For?

If the never-ending “console vs. PCs” war doesn’t satisfy your bloodbath necessities, you’ll be glad to notice that on the Internet forums there is also another pretty big conflict in act. As it’s already solidified in history, PC gaming started on desktop computers, with systems that gradually evolved into what we’re using today. On the other hand, laptops followed a quite different path: born as incredibly useful work instruments that had the conveniences of being portable, they took a long time before being considered a valid gaming alternative.

Manufacturers often preferred focusing on updating CPUs and RAM banks, while their integrated graphics card weren’t even supported by most games. Fast forwarding to today, we finally reached an era where it’s extremely plausible to compare desktop and portable computers, thanks to the latest GPUs available on the latter ones.

The merit of laptops are pretty evident: portability means being able to move quickly your device from room to room, board it on a plane and pretty much play everywhere you want. It’s true that battery life is extremely short on gaming devices, but it’s not as tragic as most detractors will tell you: even with the most hungry machine you’ll be able to play at least four hours without needing a nearby electric socket.

Convenience unfortunately has to confront with some disadvantages as well: internal components grew in capabilities, but they’re still far from garnering the results of their fixed counterparts and they also tend to broke far more easily. Reparations are not as quick, have a higher cost and are not always possible, so consider buying an extended warranty.

Desktops, on the other hand, can be expanded as much as your budget allows, achieving astounding results both in computation and graphics. Building a custom PC has become such a small effort that it’s possible to put together a competent rig for just under 600 $, selecting and assembling each part as you desire. Unfortunately, a higher amount of maintenance and care are needed, often linked with a technical knowledge far from a plug-and-play experience.

The latest decision is only up to your lifestyle. Are you a traveling-kind of player or you prefer a more quiet situation? Only your taste will dictate the direction of your purchase.

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